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 Greenscale Blight

 Duke Letareus  Down 
 Infiltrator Johlen  Down 
 Oracle Aleria  Down
 Prince Hylas  Down
 Lord Greenscale  Down 
 River of Souls

 Dark Focus  Down
 Warmaster Galenir  Down 
 Herald Gaurath  Up
 Plutonus the Immortal  Down
 Alsbeth the Discordant  Up
 Gilded Prophecy

 Anrak the Foul  Down
 Guurloth  Down
 Thalguur  Down
 Uruluuk  Down
Recent Loot    
 June 25-27, GP & ROS
 Necro  Intimidating Shovel
 Pork  Mace of Longing
 Jippsie  Earthshadow Gloves
 Vertigo  Jewel of Shining Darkness
 Loveshakk  Spiked Chitin Breastplate
 Hellsfury  Gilded Skull
 Succubus  Band of a Thousand Screams
 Toodles  Ceremonial Shield
 Red  Dirty Earthen Ring
 June 24, GSB
 Titania  Oracle's Painblade
 Ruya  Wand of Rampant Life
 Lloth  Fate's Binding
 Bronis  Bones of the Primal Serpent
 Meganfox  Reinforced Razorthorn Belt
 Hellsfury  Singed Hood
 Succubus   Emerald Edge
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Important Information    
Apex and Aperture, two of the top raiding guilds on Deepwood server, recently merged and moved to Silkweb as Vindictive. 
Guild News    


Venun1, Jul 21, 11 11:49 PM.
So it took us about 10 attempts or so since we received our immortal buff from Plutonus, but whatthefuckever honestly.


Say hello to our first relic Ethereal Thorn


Venun1, Jul 15, 11 12:24 AM.
Plutonus the Immortal... not so immortal it seems!!  We came, we wiped, we wiped, we wiped some more... and then we fucking conquered!  I'm pretty sure his immortal spirit just burst into us because... there can be only one!!! (but in our case there's 20, screw you highlander!).

So now that we're clearly immortal,, we'll just go one-shot Greenscale on Tuesday, so watch out for another buff.  Only reason we're not just going to push him over before then is... well where the hell is the fun in that?  Where's the anticipation?  The agony of realizing your impending doom?  Come on now.  Now quit reading this and go see your midnight premiere of Harry Potter you nerd!!

-- Maybe pics will come, who knows, i suck at screenshots --

The loot SUCKED donkey nuts. (AKA, no mage shit!)


Venun1, Jul 6, 11 12:08 AM.
We've welcomed a lot of new members into the guild recently, and what better way to say welcome than down a new boss?  Only took 2 tries tonight, but we killed Warmaster pretty easily tonight.  We used the rest of the night to put some attempts in on Plutonus.  Got him down to 27% so hopefully with another week or two of upgrades we'll get him down!

Apex has moved!

Venun1, Jun 29, 11 1:32 AM.
Trion has decided that Laethys is an Oceanic server, which is fantastic... if you live on the other side of the planet.  Very few server transfers came in from North America, so we decided it was best to transfer before it was too late.

Apex now calls Deepwood its new home!

We're excited to see some new faces.  We still have our same teamspeak server information if any old friends want to stop in to say hello.  We wish everyone over at Pak'Cafan and Celtic Thunder the best, and good luck working your way through Hammerknell.

It's Been A While

Venun1, Jun 27, 11 11:40 PM.
Uruluuk deaded!

We haven't really had a lot of attempts on Lord GS since we downed Hylas a couple weeks ago - Attendance has been iffy most weeks.  But with the server merger, we picked up a lot of new faces, so we're excited to get in there after the reset on Wednesday and see what we can do.  We should also get an honest attempt on RoS!

Looking for 3-5 more active players!  PST to Venun in game if you're interested!

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